Ads Marketing

Thuringen Korea Inc. not only manufactures and supplies products for cosmetic manufacturers and sellers, but analyzes PR and sales strategies for increasing sales in order to survive in the fierce competitive market. Based on the online marketing and SNS marketing cases of the brands ‘VANT 36.5’ and ‘ALDENTE’, Thuringen Korea Inc. shares its know-how and through market analysis report with startup manufacturers and sellers in order to grow together as a partner.

Online maketing

With the use of major portal websites including Naver, Daum, and Googgle, the company performs shopping-mall advertising and keywords-based advertising in order to promote products, induce customers to visit shopping malls and web stores, and thereby let them purchase products.

SNS mahketing

The user-friendly marketing based on social networking services including Instagram, Facebook, and KakaoPlus is effective at young customers using smartphones.